Ibanez TSV808 Vemuram Tubescreamer
Ibanez TSV808 Vemuram Tubescreamer
Ibanez TSV808 Vemuram Tubescreamer
Ibanez TSV808 Vemuram Tubescreamer

Ibanez TSV808 Vemuram Tubescreamer

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Ibanez TSV808 Vemuram Tubescreamer in Mint Condition! Includes original box, manual, and sticker! This is and amazing pedal and a very limited run! It combines the features of the vintage TS808 with those of the Vemuram Jan Ray for an incredible overdrive tone!!! 

The Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer and the Vemuram Jan Ray — one is the world’s most popular overdrive pedal, the other is one of the most coveted boutique stompboxes on the market. The limited-edition TSV808 aims to be the ultimate overdrive, retaining the Tube Screamer’s signature midrange bump, but infusing it with the Jan Ray’s full-range clarity and massive headroom. A comprehensive control set enables you to either emulate a standard Tube Screamer or bring the elusive overdriven tones running through your head to fruition. No-compromise components, including several of Vemuram’s, were used to ensure top-shelf sound. The TSV808 features a green-tinted brass body with the iconic TS808 shape.

The Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer — a pedalboard staple

If you've ever scoped out a pro pedalboard, then you've probably spotted the unmistakable Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer lurking in the signal chain. The original Tube Screamer propelled into fame when Stevie Ray Vaughan used it to craft his signature tone. Since then, countless renowned guitarists have benefitted from the TS808’s thick, overdriven tube-style tone. This acclaimed overdrive is a must have for every guitarist.

The Vemuram Jan Ray — boost overdrive with massive headroom

Vemuram’s Jan Ray packs the clear, punchy tone of a Blackface Fender amp into a gorgeous boost overdrive with massive headroom — the so-called “Fender Magic 6” sound. While the Tube Screamer yields a colored sound with a signature midrange bump, the Jan Ray is transparent, maintaining the characteristics of your guitar. You also get enhanced sustain without any unnatural compression.

The TSV808 — when two worlds collide

When Ibanez and Vemuram crafted the limited-edition TSV808, their goal was to create the ultimate overdrive. The TSV808 employs a refined version of the original Tube Screamer circuit: Instead of four stages like the Tube Screamer (buffer -> overdrive -> tone -> buffer), the TSV808 contains three stages (overdrive -> tone -> +7dB gain boost). The end result is an ultra-smooth drive that retains the Tube Screamer’s trademark mid bump; however, it opens it up with the full-range clarity of the Jan Ray.

Dial in your ultimate tone with a comprehensive control set

If you’ve used a Tube Screamer, you’ll recognize the TSV808’s primary controls: Drive, Tone, and Level — but that’s where the familiarity ends. The TSV808 includes two trim pots on the back of the pedal for dialing in your bass and saturation. Set everything at noon to emulate a standard TS808 Tube Screamer or embark on a tonal expedition — the choice is yours. These controls range from -2.5dB minimum to +11.7dB maximum. You also get internal dip switches that allow you to toggle between smooth TS-style symmetrical clipping and aggressive SD1-style asymmetrical clipping. With this much control, you’re sure to discover your ultimate tone.

Ibanez TSV808 Tube Screamer Features:

  • Combines elements of an Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer and a Vemuram Jan Ray
  • Tested by artists worldwide to achieve the best possible final sound
  • Retains the Tube Screamer’s mid bump, but infuses it with the Jan Ray’s clarity and headroom
  • Familiar Drive, Tone, and Level knobs supply primary sound shaping
  • Rear trim pots for dialing in your bass and saturation
  • Internal dip switches toggle between TS-style symmetrical and SD1-style asymmetrical clipping
  • No-compromise components, including several of Vemuram’s, ensure top-shelf sound
  • Gold-plated true bypass switch and gold-plated jacks
  • Carefully adjusted power capacitor
  • 4-layer circuit board instead of typical 2-layer design for reduced noise
  • Features a green-tinted brass body that shuts out static ribbon noise
  • Highly limited run