Shin-Ei "Screaming Sister" 8ctave Boost
Shin-Ei "Screaming Sister" 8ctave Boost

Shin-Ei "Screaming Sister" 8ctave Boost

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Housed inside a tough steel vintage style enclosure, the Screaming Sister delivers a very musical octave boost effect. Pair it up with the Vibe-Bro or our U-915 Rack Module and you will have some monstrous tone to deal with.


There are three controls on the left side of the unit: "BOOST", "8CTAVE" AND "MOOD".


There is an LED located in the lower right corner of the unit which lets the user know if the effect is on or off. The unit runs on a nine volt battery and also features a nine volt socket for those looking to use an external power source. A nine volt 100ma extrernal source is required to power the unit.


The Screaming Sister is constructed out of high quality cold rolled steel and is powder coated to last a lifetime. We are now using the "Demont" footswitch on our products. This is the highest quality switch available in the industry, known for its quiet and easy actuation.