Rude Tech Ain’t Afraid Fuzz
Rude Tech Ain’t Afraid Fuzz

Rude Tech Ain’t Afraid Fuzz

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Rude Tech Ain’t Afraid Fuzz in Mint Condition! Includes original box  

This is an extremely simple (but beefy!) circuit, so you can hear the quality of every single component.

This is a dynamically responsive, 1-knob fuzz.  Experiment with your pick attack for unique tones!

  • Based on the 2N3904 transistor
  • Germanium aluminum-can 1N34A diode for 70’s warmth
  • Modern clipping diode to add more grit and versatility
  • Designed to break up on pick-attack on single-coil pickups
  • Goes crazy on humbuckers
  • Play with your guitar volume knob and pick-attack to change how the pedal reacts

This is the same pedal design we built at Southern Girls’ Rock Camp and TN Teen Rock Camp where Jessi Zazu was a counselor