Native Audio Wilderness Delay
Native Audio Wilderness Delay
Native Audio Wilderness Delay

Native Audio Wilderness Delay

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Native Audio Wilderness Delay in MINT Condition! Includes original box, etc 

What’s the plan?

Two Medicine and Wilderness. What are they? What’s the difference? Which one should I buy? If you’re taking a journey into our delay section, it might be worth knowing the answer to these questions. Let’s explore!


Two Medicine Delay

Two Medicine is our uniquely warm sounding, preset-capable delay. For those who want presets but don’t want to feel overwhelmed with LCD-menu screens and MIDI, this format is for you. No software updates, no 300-page manuals… it’s delay made simple. Now that part about sounding uniquely warm, here we go. Think of a warm, cozy blanket called delay. You throw this comfy blanket of tone on your signal, and now you have Two Medicine. It’s the perfect delay tone for the musician who prefers to not have that bright, jangly, crystalizing tone. Two Medicine is for those who like to keep it simple and prefer a warm delay tone.


Wilderness Delay

Wilderness is our tap/ramp delay that’s analog voiced. What does this even mean? At its core, it’s a digital delay but we’ve added some special sauce to make it react and sound like an analog delay. The benefits to this approach are longer delay times without things getting muddy, more control of delay parameters like modulation, reduced noise floor, and the ability to tap specific delay times in or ramp between two delay times. Wilderness is for those who prefer to explore while having access to a large range of delay sounds.


The Difference – Initial Filtering

Aside from the layout, Two Medicine and Wilderness largely vary due to their delay filtering and feedback circuits. Two Medicine dramatically shelves the highs from the instrument’s signal prior to beginning the delay operation, while Wilderness only shelves a little.


The Difference – Two Medicine Feedback

The feedback path of Two Medicine doesn’t filter the highs but slightly trims the low-end content. Since we dramatically shelved the highs at the beginning, we don’t need to do much, the signal is already warm enough. The lows are slightly trimmed because we need to properly balance the lows and highs to reduce the possibility of a chaotic oscillation. Two Medicine’s unique balance of filtering results in a melodic wall of oscillation, formed by the near-infinite repeats. Imagine an oscillation that never overpowers your creativity and instead, it only adds color to what you’re already creating.


The Difference – Wilderness Feedback

The feedback path of Wilderness takes an entirely different route and has some additional spicy hardware to help achieve its analog-voiced sound. The typical analog delay has a mid-frequency character shaped by the bucket-brigade chipset, which reduces both the low and the highs on each iteration of a repeat. On longer delay times, the signal will experience degradation. If feedback is maxed, the oscillation will become chaotic and run away. We were able to achieve this analog-voiced sound through an adaptable-clipping circuit that reduces the lows and the highs, while degrading the repeats on longer delay times and stronger feedback settings. When feedback is maxed out, the oscillation gets wild in an analog kind of way and is built for the explorer.


Two Medicine and Wilderness Delay Structure


I think it’s that one.

Two things to consider when deciding if either the Two Medicine or Wilderness will work for you: tone and functionality.

Two Medicine’s will provide a warm, sustaining delay tone, while Wilderness will capture the lo-fi character of analog delay. If you want ambient, swelling tones, we’d suggest Two Medicine. If you’re wanting the analog sound without the headaches of a typical analog delay, Wilderness is preferred.

The functionality of Two Medicine is for those who enjoy the simple. If you have a couple of favorite delay sounds that you like to recall at a moment’s notice, Two Medicine is your best bet. The functionality of Wilderness opens the realm of delay. It’s extended set of controls meets all the extremes of delay and is built for those who enjoy a little adventure in their musical life.