Lee Jackson Platinum Distortion Red

Lee Jackson Platinum Distortion Red

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Southern Guitars is an "Authorized Dealer" for Lee Jackson Products! This is a brand new pedal. The Platinum Distortion is a game changer in the Distortion world! Extremely versatile with killer features not seen before on a Distortion/Overdrive Pedal. More information from Lee Jackson below:

This is the best distortion Lee has designed to date.
It is several different distortion circuits in one pedal.
You can have a variety of sounds from a tube style distortion,
To full on Metal and everything in between.

It is a melding of Vintage and modern technology, Allowing you to blend them and create your own sold. The distortion can be controlled by your instruments volume control, allowing you to go from clean to ripping leads.

Very Limited Stock on the Platinum Distortion!