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Kernom Ridge

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Kernom Ridge in Mint Condition w/ original box

The Kernom Ridge is special.
It is the first augmented analog pedal in the world. Inside lies a technology allowing you to control in real time the behavior of its key internal components.

What you will do with this technology, how you will make this circuit sound, is entirely up to you and a product of the hours you’ll spend exploring its possibilities.

Happy inspiration!


Defines the overall output level of the pedal. At maximum, when the pedal is set to high voltage mode, output voltage can go up to 30V swing (+/-15V) to push your amp to its very limits. See page 11 for instructions to enter this mode.


Acts after the clipping stage to precisely tailor the output sound, from fat and heavy to beautiful chime. 12’o clock is the most neutral position, depending on the chosen MOOD setting. Turn left for more low end, right for more presence.


Acts before the clipping stage to change the way the pedal reacts to the guitar signal. 12’o clock is the most neutral position, depending on the chosen MOOD setting. Turn left for more body, right for more sparkle.


Controls the amount of drive in the signal. Varies depending on the selected MOOD setting. From clean to highly driven.


Shapes the midrange frequencies, allowing you to control how the guitar signal sits in or cuts through the mix. Just like with the PRE and POST TONE knobs, 12’o clock is the most neutral position, depending on the chosen MOOD setting. Adjust the MID response by turning left for a more scooped sound, right for a more cutting one.


Defines the clipping behavior of the pedal. From ultra high headroom soft clipping to very compressed hard clipping, and everything in between. Some settings are symmetrical, some asymmetrical. It controls the Analog Morphing Core engine inside the pedal, and is not a second drive knob: it gives its voice to the pedal and all the settings produce interesting results.


The MOOD knob is the key to control the unique patented Analog Morphing Core technology engine within the RIDGE and to define the behavior of the pedal.

Turning the MOOD knob should be thought of as choosing a different voice for the pedal. It is in effect the same as changing overdrives for a different gain flavour.

As this knob is entirely continuous, each point on the knob’s moving range gives access to a different voice for the pedal. Either really transparent and dynamic, very gainy and compressed, or anything in between. The RIDGE is in effect hundreds of analog overdrives in one box, with a clutter free, seamless interface. This is why we refer to it as an “Augmented Analog” pedal: an incredible sounding analog pedal, with all the added versatility you will ever need.



True Bypass
Expression input
1 Internal favorite preset 127 MIDI presets

30V output voltage swing capability
Premium input stage with sensitivity adjustment Ultra low noise output
5mm thick touring ready casing


INPUT IMPEDANCE: 1Meg Ohm (Guitar mode) / 32k Ohm (Line mode)
BYPASS SWITCHING: True Bypass (electromechanical relay switching)
DIMENSIONS: 11.2 cm deep x 16.4 cm wide x 5.2 cm tall (4.4 inches deep x 6.5

inches wide x 2 inches tall). WEIGHT: 850 g (1,8 lbs)


Use an adaptor (not included) with the following rating: 9VDC center negative, 250mA minimum, 300mA or more recommended.