Fulltone Fat Boost FB-2
Fulltone Fat Boost FB-2
Fulltone Fat Boost FB-2

Fulltone Fat Boost FB-2

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Fulltone Fat Boost FB-2 in Excellent Condition with original box, etc 
The Fat Boost II was a total ground-up re-design of the original Fulltone Fat Boost Pedal.

* Class-A , 100% JFET powered, no op amps!
* the most headroom (before clipping) of any pedal you've tried.
* pre-clipping Bass Control (keeps things from getting flabby when using neck pickup.
* perfect Treble control, allows lots of sparkle, yet can brown up nicely.
* one of the byproducts of this well-designed multi-stage FET device is that The Fulltone Fat Boost 2 is probably the best compressor you'll ever feel, You Nashville Tele and strat players are going to LOVE what this feels like and what it does to the Recording Levels.
* The FB-2 offers a little bit of Tweed-style crunch tone with Drive control turned up, but excels as clean Booster.
* a better output section (non-inverting, and extremely Low-Z output to drive other pedals and long cables)
*Fulltone's proprietary '"you can't kill it with any power supply, it'll run off anything!" power section.
* True Bypass, Super Bright LED, and our exclusive anti-pop switching circuitry.