Dr. No Effects Evil Mother Fuzzer
Dr. No Effects Evil Mother Fuzzer
Dr. No Effects Evil Mother Fuzzer
Dr. No Effects Evil Mother Fuzzer
Dr. No Effects Evil Mother Fuzzer
Dr. No Effects Evil Mother Fuzzer

Dr. No Effects Evil Mother Fuzzer

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Dr. No Effects Evil Mother Fuzzer in MINT Condition! Includes original box and goodies!!! 

Together with Dutch guitar player Pablo van de Poel, Dr.No developed a rare beast.
Almost three years ago Dr.No and Pablo (both Fuzz addicts) formed a pact started a collaboration with final goal, “getting you the best Fuzz of the universe”, that after many prototypes resulted in the amazing Evil Motherfuzzer.

This old school classic reinvented fuzz contains two rare NOS High Gain AC128 matched pair Germanium Transistors that are collected and brought together from places all over the world (yes…even from a radio museum). The Evil Motherfuzzer has this PNP Positive ground on the main hand build circuit board, but no worries… the Evil MotherFuzzer contains a little brain that turns that around to negative ground so you don’t have to worry about daisy chaining your Germanium Fuzz with other effects in your chain that in other cases cause trouble.

Because of the rarity of (good) old Germanium transistors nowadays, the edition is extremely limited.
Only 174 copies are build until now. Number of builds can run up if these rare Germanium AC128’s can be found to build these Evil MotherFuzzers. With an amazing hand silkscreened graphic design, and fully hand build with all selected and high end components that makes this Fuzz to become a new classic for true tone connoisseurs. As a cool bonus the first 132 builds of the Evil MotherFuzzer are handsigned by Pablo van de Poel. The series after this series aren’t signed by Pablo van de Poel. The one you buy here is a after no#132.

Evil MotherFuzzer Functions:

* Volume: Output control level. Even when the volume knob turned counter clockwise, an amazing tone and fuzz will stand out.
*Fuzz: The Fuzz knob controls the amount of “Evil Fuzz”. To have a cool “clean up sound”, leave your Fuzz dail knob fully open and try to lower your volume on your guitar or volume pedal. Also when lowering the Fuzz, a very organic tone will remain.
*Shape: This knob allows you to play and dial with Harmonic tone, Sustain. It also adds clarity to your midrange.
*Bias: The Bias knob gives you the opportunity to leave out the “fat”, “bass” when lowering the dial knob . This allows you to have other effects like Wah Wah,s run through without losing them in your signal.”