DanDrive VoCooder
DanDrive VoCooder

DanDrive VoCooder

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A fuzzy, raunchy drive inspired by Ry Cooder!

The VoCooder is not your average overdrive. It’s not a fuzz or a boost either.

This green machine is capable of raunchy sounds reminiscent of Ry Cooder’s tone on tracks like "All Shook Up" and "Let’s Have a Ball".

Use the VoCooder to kick your low wattage amp into fuzzy, harmonic territory.

Or, coax some crunch and compression from your high wattage beast.

Stack it with a  low gain overdrive, a nice booster or use it alone, the VoCooder delivers!

It won’t make you play like Ry Cooder, but it can make you sound a lot like him.


DanDrive VoCooder pedal features:

• Inspired by Ry Cooder’s classic tone.

• Capable of beautifully raunchy sounds!

• Knobs: Level, Drive.

• True Bypass.

• Power: 9V DC.

• Current Draw: Less than 100mA.