DanDrive Tweedy 5B3 Pink Tweed
DanDrive Tweedy 5B3 Pink Tweed
DanDrive Tweedy 5B3 Pink Tweed

DanDrive Tweedy 5B3 Pink Tweed

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TWEEDY 5B3 - tweed character pedal

The TWEEDY 5B3 was bulid to nail the character of my old 53’ Fender TWEED DELUXE amp.
If you haven’t heard the old 6SC7 preamp tubes in a 5B3 circuit, it’s possible this pedal shows you a new world of tweed sounds. Like my old Fender Tweed Deluxe the tone knob is the key to the highway! All three controls are working in conjunction with each other. This pedal is like an old 50s amp, not easy to use, but your patience brings the golden sound. The specific midrange of the TWEEDY is the magic. This pedal works best with a classic clean-dynamic Fender or Marshall like amp. With the TWEEDY your full range of tone is on the guitar volume. Don’t use it like an overdrive pedal, it is made to fill the hole of these sounds. This pedal is very dynamic but no fuzz tamer or anything ike that...it’s just the old sound.

the TWEEDY replicates every mood like my old 53’ DELUXE loaded with an old Jensen P12R speaker

- KNOBS: level, drive, tone
- 9v battery use (not incl.
- 9v DC power supply, center negative (not incl.)
- 125B enclosure (size differs sometimes about 1-2mm, depending on the manufacturer) - IN and OUT jacks on top
- 9v DC jack on top
- jewel amp light
- true bypass