Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry “Limited Edition Blackout”

Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry “Limited Edition Blackout”

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Limited Edition Black Out Version! 

Reach Infinity

Let’s dive into a Black Hole !

The Black Hole Symmetry is a Modulated Delay / Pitch shifted Reverb / Destruction Fuzz pedal.

Travel through the Ergosphere, the Event Horizon and the Singularity. The 3 parts of the pedal which can be played together or separetely.

Each pedal is designed, assembled, tested and numbered by hand in our workshop in France.

The B.H.S. has a lifetime warranty.


Destruction Fuzz

The single setting "Disintegrate" allows you to raise your sound.

Forget the fact that your drummer plays loudly. 


Settings :

Desintegrate : Volume setting with a huge fuzz.

Protect your ears please. 


Pitch shifted Reverb

Long reverb based on the FV1 chip.

Harmonizes the reverb signal with a pitch shifter. 


Settings :

Mix : Proportion of wet signal in the mix

Echo : Echo time (max 15s)

Radiancy : Proportion of pitch shifter in the echo



Modulated Delay

Based on the PT2399 chip to have a warm echo.

The echo signal is modulated by two oscillators. 


Settings :

Mix : Proportion of wet signal in the mix

Time : Time between each repetition (From 0s to 1s)

Feedback : Number of repetitions

Modulation : Proportion of modulation in the delay signal

Speed : Speed of the main oscillator

Trimmer : Speed of the triangle oscillator


  • Maximum current draw

250 mA

  • Imput Impedance

1 MOhm

  • Size

119 x 116 x 56mm


  • The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Collision devices Pedals.

  • Power supply not included.

  • The pedal is true bypass

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Voltage

+9V DC (negative center)

  • Output Impedance

    1 KOhm

  • Weight