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The meeting between Andrea and Emanuele

Passion, science and pride are the sparks that pushed Andrea Damiani and Emanuele Placidi to become soldiers of Electronics. The two friends got to know each other online on a forum dedicated to electronic organs, discovering that they both lived just a few kilometers from one another in Abruzzo. The first meeting was in 2007; the two boys’ skills are merged and they embark on an adventure of restoring and repairing vintage electronic musical instruments. This meant traveling to Germany to save some Farfisa instruments, and becoming a reference point in Italy for the recovery of combo organs, synthesizers, amplification systems and vintage effects.

The birth of TEFI Vintage Lab

Additional experience gained over the years pushed the two boys to open the TEFI Vintage Lab at the beginning of 2016, adding the production of original boutique effects to the already operational repair sector. Their approach is innovative both as far as the circuits are concerned, with proprietary projects developed over years of sound research, and for the aesthetics, using graphics inspired by the elderly ‘grandparents’ that populate the town where they live. The sound of each TEFI pedal is created from scratch and is not inspired by existing effects. Each stompbox is handmade in Italy in the laboratory based in Casoli di Atri (TE) using the best components available on the market today, and with the accuracy a small jewel requires.

The mission

The primary mission is to deliver into the hands of the musician a product with a strong, reliable personality that respects the instrument and is capable of bringing a new emotion to every note played. Our daily commitment to develop new projects, as well as our continuous efforts for product optimization are always our main objectives.

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