Lofi Mind Effects Crystal Machine Fuzz
Lofi Mind Effects Crystal Machine Fuzz
Lofi Mind Effects Crystal Machine Fuzz

Lofi Mind Effects Crystal Machine Fuzz

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The CRYSTAL MACHINE is a totally original fuzz design with three rare NOS silicon transistors and two germanium diodes. The crystal machine can be considered an octave up fuzz, with the function of self-silencing or more feedback, but with the CM you can get from great classic germanium tones to the blistering punk rock riffs or solos created by the Stooges, MC5 or Hendrix.The perfect description could be that inside this pedal you have Wayne Kramer having a sound battle with Jimi Hendrix.


The CM has 5 controls

Level, which adjusts the final volume of the effect

Oscillation, which adds self-oscillation or feedback to the effect, making it even a small synthesizer.

Depth, which controls the impedance or input signal, adding more distortion and octave to the effect.

Frequency, acts as a tone control, susceptible to the oscillation and depth control, we can play with this control when the pedal is oscillating, creating different sounds.

Warm, adds huge amounts of distortion, controlling the second gain stage and thus obtaining all more classic or more modern.

Voltage, controls the overall voltage of the circuit, making the transistor configuration more stable or less stable, it also adds some volume to the final signal.

In short, octafuzzes are usually one trick ponies, but in this case the CM is an all-rounder of the tone, which respects the signal and cleans with the volume potentiometer of your guitar.