Organic Sounds Pedals Now Available At Southern Guitars

Southern Guitars is very proud to offer Organic Sounds Effects Pedals! Organic Sounds are meticulously hand crafted in Japan with top tier parts and components! The Hydra, Ares, Zeus, and Kerberos are all original designs by Yusuke Watanabe. Each pedal is carefully assembled one-by-one in their workshop in Aichi, Japan. Organic Sounds strives to please pedal enthusiasts all over the world and we are proud to offer Organic Sounds here at Southern Guitars! 


Organic Sounds Ares Organic Drive  available at Southern Guitars! $399


Organic Sounds Zeus Organic Drive available at Southern Guitars! $399


Organic Sounds Hydra Organic Drive available at Southern Guitars! $399

Organic Sounds Kerneros Organic Boost available at Southern Guitars! $339