Mario Guitars

Southern Guitars has been a Mario Guitars dealer since 2010! We absolutely love the guitars Mario Martin and his crew build! With each new Mario guitar that comes to the shop we all have a hard time putting it down! And an even harder time watching it leave and go to it's happy new owner! 

Mario and his crew build these guitars from the ground up. From selecting each piece of wood, to the final installation of strings! Mario Guitars have come to be known for their superior playability, quality, and light weight that is usually lighter than most any guitars of their style! Some Mario Guitars actually weight less than 6lbs! 

Mario Guitars® has been hailed for their superior playability, lightweight construction, unmatched resonance and prolonged sustain. Many Mario guitars are the lightest guitars of their style, one of the major woods used is Paulownia, which is known for being incredibly lightweight while also maintaining structural integrity and having unbeatable resonance. Mario’s custom finishes and relic/aging work have been cited by many to be some of the best in this field. Mario is also proud of the fact that he also builds Non-aged/Pristine guitars.


Many professional and touring musicians have come to play Mario Guitars no stages and studios across the world! Musicians like John Osborne, TJ Osborne of the Brothers Osborne, Hunter Hayes, Vince Gill, Chase Bryant, Ford Thurston, Corey Congilio and more!! 

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