Isle of Tone Haze 67 Fuzz Available at Southern Guitars!

Southern Guitars is proud to be an "Authorized Dealer" for Isle of Tone Pedals! Joe and Steve are absolute gear addicts (just like us) They've each had thousands of vintage instruments and pedals through their hands !

Each Isle of Tone pedal is painstakingly handmade from start to finish. The Haze 67 Fuzz features Handmade Knobs, Baseplates, Screen Printing by hand, Aged by hand, and the circuit is built by hand. Each vintage NOS transistor is perfectly matched through a long and rigorous process! The guys at Isle of Tone have a great supply of crazy rare vintage transistors from Mullard AC28, NKT274, NKT12, NKT280, Mullard OC84, Philips TO-1 OC84, Mullard OC76, Mullard OC81 and more! Joe and Steve are some of there best guys in the gear world and do this because they absolutely Love it! It certainly shows through their work! 

The Isle of Tone Haze 67 Fuzz & The Isle of Tone Luxe 66 Fuzz are quickly becoming the go to fuzz pedal for many professional musicians! From sweet sparkling cleans at low volumes to all out Fuzz when cranked the Haze 67 Fuzz & Luxe 66 Fuzz are extremely versatile for just about any style of music you play! 

Go to our effects page to order yours today! Don't see one in stock? Drop us an email as we always have these on order and rarely have them in stock.