GFI System Specular Tempus

The Specular Tempus from GFI System has quickly become one of our favorite pedals here at Southern Guitars! One of the most versatile reverb and delay pedals on the market! From spacious, ambient, cavernous reverbs & delays to the classic spring, hall, room reverbs & Analog, Tape echo style delays! The Specular Tempus has found it's home on boards of professional musicians all over the world due to its high quality algorithms, tone, and ease of use! While many pedals of this calibre can be intimidating to use the Specular Tempus can easily be a plug in play pedal, or download the Speclab and customize your Specular Tempus to suit your needs! 

At only $349 the GFI Specular Tempus is a value for all of it's features! We love it and our customers agree as it's one of our best selling pedals!