Chase Bliss Audio MOOD

Every once in a while something totally different comes around that changes everything! That thing is the Chase Bliss Audio MOOD. The MOOD is a unique micro granular looper/delay in one.  It's quite unique in the fact! I don't believe anything like this has ever hit the market, or with such a huge splash! The MOOD is certainly one of the best selling pedals we've had in stock as it's hard to keep from selling out! We just keep ordering more and more thinking well maybe we'll have enough to last this time! The Chase Bliss Audio MOOD is certainly one of my absolute favorite pedals and a joy to play! It never gets boring as it allows you to keep getting more and more creative! The possibilities are literally endless! 


   The Chase Bliss Audio MOOD is designed to be a study of interaction with looping and delay. The MOOD is internally collaborative, allowing audio to freely pass back and forth between its two sides, evolving and transforming over time. Behind the Loop Channel, designed by Drolo FX, is a collection of always listening  microloopers. The Wet/Delay channel designed by Old Blood Noise Endeavors offers a suite of live spatial effects, delay, reverbs, and slip mode. There are three different options for how the channels are routed internally. Run a time-stretched loop through a cloud of delay taps, re-record it and carry on. Overdub, freeze, dissolve, smear. A clock control is at the devices heart, which slows or accelerates both sides simultaneously in harmonized steps. Instantly turn a loop into rolling chirps, or divide a reverb down into atmospheric noise. And naturally, we have full MIDI, dip-switch, and preset implementation.